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Arduino LED blink, fade and “Traffic lights” project

Hello there,
This is an easy tutorial and project, it would be very nice to start your Arduino journey with it, it uses the simplest parts and functions to get you started.
In this project I’m using LEDs and Resistors with an Arduino board, UNO as usual. You’ll learn how to use LEDs for blinking and fading or simple light up, then as a project a traffic light.


A simple LED is wired like below, you can add as many as you can,  just declare the correct pin and don’t forget the LED poles (Anode and Cathode), anode = the longest “rod” is always with the (+) and the cathode with the GND.


For the traffic light project, read the code it will help you to set the LEDs pins, the GND is common and you can adjust the pins as you want.


Code 1:  LED Blink Code

Code 2: LED fading

Code 3: Traffic lights

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