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Measure temperature/humidity using DHT11 + LCD i2c + Arduino


Hi everyone, yassine here,

In this tutorial we gonna see how to simply use the DHT11 module, It’s a module that can measure temperature (0-50C) and humidity (up to 95%), it’s very good for domotic projects or DIY projects for daily use.

For this we gonna need:

-DHT 11 (obvious 😃 ) note here that I’m using 3 pins version there are 4 pins one

-Arduino board here I’ll use Uno

-LCD i2c screen 

– Breadboard and jump wires

-And here to download the dht library it’s very simple (Download dht library)

-How to use LCD i2c (LCD i2c tutorial)




Codes and libraries:

DHT library: Download library here

Codes: Download codes here


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Electronics, Automation engineering student... I try to share my little experience with other electronics amateur.

8 thoughts on “Measure temperature/humidity using DHT11 + LCD i2c + Arduino Leave a comment

    • Hi, if you’re talking about the libraries they’re in .ZIP format just go to Arduino IDE -> Sketch -> Include library -> Add .ZIP library and look for the library file and it will install.
      For the codes just extract the .RAR file and you’ll find codes .INO there.


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