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Simple Arduino based Alarm Clock with DS1302 RTC

 Hello everyone, in this project we’ll try to make an easy alarm clock with Arduino UNO board, this project is a mix of different modules that I used before, if you’re stuck on something you can check in the website for the module tutorial, because that’s how I usually work: Do things separately and then start mixing :D.

You’ll need to check:

For this project we will need:

Arduino UNO Board, or you can use what suits you:

Arduino UNO board


DS1302 RTC module:

DS1302 RTC module
DS1302 RTC module

4*4 Matrix Keypad module:

4x4 matrix keypad
4×4 Matrix keypad

LCD i2c screen:

lcd i2c
LCD i²c screen


Buzzer module, or the 2 pins buzzer:

Buzzer module








(Major changes were made 12/04/18)

 Code functioning is pretty simple, after wiring the module you can press “*” to set the time and date on the DS1302 RTC, the display will show then the current day and time if you want to set the alarm you press “A” and you can set which hour and minute, and you can deactivate it by pressing “B” before time or pressing any button while ringing.

The code was made in an easy to understand and beginners’s way, it wasn’t meant to handle multiple alarms,a lot of people ask about this, but you can do it in case you don’t care about clumsy code.

Download here: RTC_alarm_clock.ino or check below:



I hope you like it, any problem you can contact me.

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  1. Hi, very interesting project, I’m beginner in this field. Could you tell me please, is it a lot to change the RTC module for another one (1307 or 3231)?

  2. I have a list off 1825 alarmmoments that I want to set with arduino. You help me to figure out how can I build this?


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