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Arduino KY-008 LASER module


                 Hi, this is a fast tutorial about the KY-008 LASER module, I wanted to show you how it works before I use it in projects (as I do always), and also to test my new shooting setup and location.

the KY-008 is a very compact laser module, easy to use, it contains 3 pins, I’m just using 2 of them here, even if I tried to use different codes and wiring, they didn’t affect as long as the (-) is connected to GND and (S) to 5V, some says there are 3 pins just because it’s a part from the 3 pinned module because they used a standard 3 wires connectors and some says that it should be connected to regulate the current to avoid destroying the module.

I’ll use the two pins wiring and if the module start showing some major problems I’ll let you know.






//This code is to use with Laser module KY-008 it turns on for 2secs and turns of for 2secs
//Refer to for more information

int Laser = 6;

void setup() {

void loop() {


Yassine Tout afficher

Electronics, Automation engineering student... I try to share my little experience with other electronics amateur.

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