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Use MG995 continuous rotation servo motor with Arduino


       Hello, in this tutorial we’re using the MG995 continous rotation servo motor, it has many applications especially robotics,  you can use it to move heavy vehicles or charges, or passing through tough terrains, because it has very high torque ( 8.5 kgf·cm (4.8 V ), 10 kgf·cm (6 V) ), also it has metal bearing which can stand heavy work.



       The usual servo rotates from 0-180° or 0-360° and its main feature that it actually knows its position that’s why they’re called « servos », but this one is mainly called servo too even if doesn’t have the main feature… maybe it’s because the shape and wiring.






Download code .ino format

            The code is simple and just like the servos standard codes with the main functions, but here instead of controlling the position we control the speed and direction, you can watch the tutorial for more information.


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