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Interfacing TTP224 4-Channels Capacitive Touch Module with Arduino []

Hello there, this is another tutorial sponsored by DigitSpace
Product used: TTP224 4-Channel Digital Touch Sensor Capacitive Switch Module


In this tutorial we gonna interface the Capacitive Touch buttons module with Arduino Uno board, and as an example we gonna control a RGB LED, control the colors values using different buttons of the module, of course this can be used later to control anything you want.

4 Channel Capacitive touch sensor

This is the module it has 4 pins for the different outputs, they are digital, and for the power it can be powered by 3.3V or 5V from the Arduino.

The module has 4 built-in LEDs, they light up whenever the respective button is touched, and you can touch multiple at the same time.

Test 1

The Test 1 is a direct interfacing with Arduino Uno board, and we gonna check the buttons states on the serial monitor.


Any digital pin can be used with the module outputs

Wiring 1_bb


Here you can download the code 1.


The buttons states are displayed as 0/1 on the serial monitor.

Click to expand

Test 2

In this test we gonna add a RGB LED, here I’m using a common cathod one.



Pay attention to the RGB LED it should be wired with PWM pins (~) only and the GND.

Wiring 2_bb


Here you can download the code.


The values (brightness) keeps incrementing until it reaches maximum and resets from 0.

And of course you can mix the colors


Also if you keep touching the button it will count as multiple touches.

That’s all folks !

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