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Arduino Modules

Here are the modules I’ve tested, click on the title to see video, wiring, codes, libraries …

1) LED (with different functions):

Arduino LED blink, fade and « Traffic lights » project


2) LCD i2c Screen:

Arduino LCD I2C simple use and direct write from serial monitor


3) Relay module:

How to use a relay module with Arduino


4) Infra-red receiver with remote control:

How to use Infrared receiver and remote control with Arduino


5) Joystick module:

How to simply interface the Joystick module with Arduino board

[FR] Interfacer module Joystick avec Arduino

6) Mifare RC522 Rfid tag/card reader:

Quick guide to wire and use the RC522 RFID module with Arduino


7) Stepper Motor interfacing using ULN2003 driver:

How to use a stepper motor with Arduino and its driver ULN2003


8) Servo motor:

Use servo motors with Arduino

[FR] Interfacer un servo moteur avec Arduino

9) Keypad Matrix + LCD i2c:

Arduino uno + 4×4 Keypad Matrix + LCD i2c screen


10) L298n Dual H-bridge with DC motor:

Step by step on how to use the L298n dual H-bridge driver with Arduino


11) HC SR04 Ultrasonic:

How to use HC-SR04 ultrasonic module to measure distance in cm and inch


12) FC-51 Infrared Proximity/obstacle sensor:

How to use the FC 51 InfraRed proximity/obstacle avoidance sensor with Arduino


13) DHT 11 Temperature/humidity sensor:

Measure temperature/humidity using DHT11 + LCD i2c + Arduino


14) Buzzer / piezo speaker (3 pins module and 2 pin component):

How to use a buzzer/piezo speaker with Arduino


15) KY-008 LASER Module

Arduino KY-008 LASER module

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