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Use OLED display + Arduino with examples


           Hello everybody, in this tutorial I’m using 128*32 i2c OLED display that I bought for few bucks, it’s very tiny you can use it in some small DIY projects also it gives you lot of possibilities to do (Different font and sizes of texts, different shapes, scrolling, bmp pictures…) and in this tutorial I just went through some simple functions to make it clear and simple for beginners like me… Please note that this kind of display isn’t a color display, mine just print in blue (Left), some are in white, some can have yellow + one of the previous colors (Right).



While making this little tutorial I went to these links they’re helpful, if you want to check them:



This is my wiring, it depends on your version, the one I’m using has 4 pins and I used them in the schematic, you may add RST pin…


Libraries and codes:

Donwload Adafruit SSD1306 library

Download Adafruit GFX library

Or you can visit the link above to download them directly from Adafruit


Download the code I used .ino I added some comments to make it easy to understand

and the other code shown is the example from the library.


If you have any question, suggestion or problem… don’t hesitate.


Yassine Tout afficher

Electronics, Automation engineering student... I try to share my little experience with other electronics amateur.

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