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Arduino LCD I2C simple use and direct write from serial monitor

Hello there, welcome to SurtrTech, this is a quick tutorial on how to use the LCD i²c version, this display that I use in the majority of my projects, it’s easy, reliable and standard for most applications.
I use the i²c version because it has only 4 pins unlike the standard version that uses a lot of pins and won’t be practical for multi module projects.



Here you can download the New_Liquid_Crystal library:

Download LCD i2c library here


In the code you’ll notice a line, and this line is very important:

0x27 is the address of my I2c device, for these displays, there are usually two 0x27 or 0x3F, in case you’re unsure about the correct one I recommend you to download and run the I2c_scanner code from Arduino playground Check here, Don’t forget to run the code while your device is plugged in, then modify the address accordingly.

First code to test with:

This code displays a simple programmed text on the display.

Seconde code to write something on the serial monitor and see it on the screen:

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